Human Nature, 64 x 80 watercolor


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Human nature is a concept that denotes the fundamental dispositions and characteristics—including ways of thinking, feeling, and acting—that humans are said to have naturally. The term is often used to denote the essence of humankind, or what it ‘means’ to be human.

Human nature: Six things we all do :

    Human nature: Being playful
    All mammals play – but no other species pursues such a wide variety of entertainment or spends so much time enjoying themselves
    Human nature: Being scientific
    Humans are constantly sorting the world into categories, predicting how things work, and testing those predictions – the essence of science
    Human nature: Being legislative
    Chimps stick to simple behavioural norms, but we humans, with our language skills and greater brainpower, have developed much more elaborate systems of rules, taboos and etiquette
    Human nature: Being epicurean
    Compared with other animals, the feeding behaviour of humans is exceedingly odd. Where they just eat, we make a meal of it
  • SEX
    Human nature: Being clandestine
    Nothing is quite as puzzling as our predilection for clandestine copulation. Why do humans have sex in private?
    Human nature: Being gossipy
    Language has shaped our nature profoundly – and arguably, our way with words reaches its apogee in gossip

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